Prayer Update from the Nepal Team

Jaimasi from Nepal!

Today marks our second day in Kathmandu, Nepal. These first couple of days have been our rest days before we travel up to the village of Swara. Today, 9/23 we prepared some of the flannel graphs we will be using to tell Bible stories to the men, women and children on the mountain. After, preparation and rest we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Okay, I know what you must be thinking, “an Italian restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal?” Yes! And yes! I might add it may have been some of the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten (thanks to Tonielle’s dad! 🙂 ). Once we came back to the Bible college we celebrated a birthday of one of the men, Samir. Thank you for all your prayers so far.

Faith Kusunoki

Here are some prayer requests:

1. Pray for the team to recover from jet lag as it is still hitting some of us pretty hard.
2. Pray for team health, unity and oneness of heart, mind and purpose as we prepare to head into Nepal on Friday.
3. God has given us an open door with the Nepal police. They have asked me to do a one day course on stress management which we will present upon our return to Kathmandu on 10/2.
4. Pray for the nation of Nepal. They approved their new constitution on Monday and it has sparked protests especially from those that want Nepal to be a Hindu nation. The constitution is secular however they still out restriction on conversion and sharing our faith with others. India closed its borders with Nepal for a couple of days but reopened it last night. The brief closure caused some panic buying of fuel and food. All that seems to be calming down but is definitely in need of prayer.
5. Pray for our helicopter flights to our village on Friday and that we will be a source of strength and encouragement to the believers there. 6. Pray for good weather and more opportunities to share the love of Christ.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. We can really feel them. Please don’t stop.

Pastor Gary

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