Nepal Update

Prayer Update from Nepal Team: our whole team is safely in our village. We could not fly all the way in due to weather at the helipad so we went to a point about 500 feet in elevation below the village and hiked/climbed the rest of the way up (a 3-4 mile strenuous hike). The pilot was amazing as he shuttled the team from a point in the valley up to a ledge just barely big enough to land the helicopter. It was really a miracle that the team did so well especially because Carol is still recovering from a hurt foot and Esther has not been feeling well. The trail we hiked was at times very steep and slippery but God upheld us the whole way. Thank you all for your prayers! We can really feelthem! We are going to hold the first ever church service in the village today at 2 pm (1:15 am California time). Please be praying that the community will come out and that God’s Spirit will prepare their hearts for the Gospel. Pray for continued strength and health. One of our local staff Prakash threw his back out yesterday and it is really painful so be in prayer for him. God bless you all and thank you again for praying. Pastor Gary and Team


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