Calvary Chapel Swara

Today we had the first ever church service in the village of Swara. We didn’t know what to expect or even if anyone would show up. Nepali’s are usually late so we were surprised when people began sowing up 20 minutes early. By the time we started church there were more than 90 people there 20 of which were kids. Prakash and Rajiv did worship with all of us and then the kids went with Carol, Faith, Esther, Micah and Matt to Sunday school. We shared from Acts 17 on Paul sharing with the Athenians on the unknown God. Paul talked to them about the god they worshipped that they didn’t know. We were able to share with them about the God they didn’t know that this was the one true God who had sent us there to tell them He loved them. We shared that this God created all things and desired a relationship with us. We spoke of sin, the futility of worshipping a God of wood made with hands. I told them what Isaiah said of how we cut down wood and with one part use it for firewood to cook out food and with the other we fashion an idol. Most had never even thought of that and were nodding their heads in agreement. These were people that worshipped gods of wood, stone and metal. We told them that to follow the one true God they had to renounce all other gods. Some actually covered their heads in horror. Still they all listened intently and when we gave the invitation to accept the Lord many raised their hands! It was a glorious sight. 
Thank you all for praying! God answered in such a glorious way. So many said that they needed someone to teach them more. There is such an openness to Jesus here but they need to be taught. Today was the first day of Calvary Chapel Swara and many were birthed into the Kingdom. Now they need to be rooted and grounded in the Word. 

These people are rejected by the other villages because they are considered to be a lower caste and to hear the God loves them so much He would send His son to die for them was overwhelming.

Pastor Gary and Team 

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