The Harvest is Plentiful

Today we split into 2 teams one at the base camp comprised of Faith, Prakash, and Carol. The rest were on the second team and we hiked up to the village Thalaa about 1000 feet above base camp. 
At the village, we checked in on Khopchi, the woman that was helicoptered to Kathmandu with the first team. Unfortunately, her health declined and she is unable to walk. She has also reached that time where she is ready for death. She said that the only thing next for her is death. Her nights have been filled with dreams of two roads one the narrow and the other wide. Pastor Gary explained to her what the Bible teaches about the narrow road that God has set for us and the Joy and Peace that awaits her at the end of the path. That God is showing her what He has in store for and the devil is trying to scare her away from that narrow road. She described it as seeing her deceased family members on the wide road. Pastor Gary and Rajiv prayed with her and then some team members prayed over her. 

Furthermore, her great grandson had been plagued with fevers and seizures that the people described as “flopping like a chicken.” When Rajiv and Pastor Gary first attempted to pray for the young man while in his house, he refused but after a few minutes he came outside and sat with Rajiv and Pastor Gary. They shared the gospel with the man as well as the gathered villagers. This time the young man accepted the offer of prayer and accepted the Lord into his heart and for healing. He quickly began to look and feel better as Rajiv and Pastor Gary also gave him the Nepali Bible and explained to him about being in the Word. We also left with him a Proclaimer with the promise to regularly gather the villagers that are willing to hear the Word.


Please continue to pray for God’s blessing and protection upon our team and upon the believers here. We need to pray for all the new believers, because now that they have found the Lord they must be taught. Pray for God to send teachers to teach God’s word. As foreigners the people actually listen to us better than to other Nepali’s. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to build a strong spiritual foundation here based upon God’s word. The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few.

One thought on “The Harvest is Plentiful

  1. Praying for all of you, for the villagers, and for the new believers! Amazing stories of God’s work in the farthest of regions and how He reaches out through dreams.

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