Base Camp

Today was kind of a down day for the team. We took time to get our base camp in order. Cleaned the tents, did our laundry (in buckets), and filtered fresh drinking water for the team. We also did some repairs on the plastic pipe that brings water to our camp and repairs on a rip in the tent. It was also a good opportunity to get some rest after our arduous hike yesterday up to highest village on the mountain.
Our base camp is at the local school which is still a temporary classroom with sheet metal, a bamboo wall, and tarps for roofs. Their school building was totally demolished in the earthquake. The kids are so curious about us that they will often just stand around and stare at us. They love to play and Matt Love has become their favorite. They follow him everywhere. Many of the girls have adopted Carol as they remember her from the last trip and are kissing her and telling her that they love her. Esther, Faith and Micah have been a hit teaching with the flannel graphs. The young girls love to just hang out with Micah and Faith. Ben has fallen in love with the people and the land. Tony never ceases to amaze us with his ingenious adaptations to make our life here easier. 

We have been having team devotions every morning with each team member taking turns sharing. We talked about Jesus being our master and teacher, followed the life of Joseph and Daniel and spoke of following Jesus wherever He would lead us. Are we willing to answer as Isaiah did, “here am I send me”? The Lord has been molding and shaping us as we serve Him here in Nepal. 

Please continue to pray for the effectiveness of our team here. We will be holding the first midweek service at Calvary Chapel of Swara on Wednesday so pray the people will come out for that. Pray for our visit to another small village tomorrow as we go to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus.

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