Abundant Fruit

what a blessed day today as we had part of our team walk back up to Kopchi’s village that we visited two days ago. The young man who we prayed for the other day is now completely healed. He was the one that was bedridden when we found him and his family said he would flop around like a chicken at night. We had prayed for healing and that God would rid him of his demons. He then immediately got up ate some food (which he hadn’t done in 3 days) and then accepted the Lord! We told them that we did not heal him, Jesus did. Praise the Lord! Some of us went to a nearby village called Totnari where we shared with some people in the community and gave them an audio bible. They did not accept the Lord but asked us to teach them more about our God! We invited them to come out to the midweek bible study tonight. One man who said he was not ready to leave his religion agreed to take the audio bible and share it with the village every week. 
Tonight people began to gather early for the service. We ended up having more than a 100 people come out 60 or more of them were kids. The girls took the kids and we taught the adults. I taught from Luke 4:18 where Jesus spoke from Isaiah saying the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him. To preach the gospel to the poor…. As we shared with them I told them that in order to accept the one true God they had to renounce all their other gods and get rid of all their idols. When we gave the altar call most of them raised their hand to accept the Lord including the man from Totnari who was not ready to accept the Lord earlier in the day. Thank you all for your prayers!

Pastor Gary

While in Kopchi’s village Micah gave out the warm and fuzzy blankets to 2 babies and 1 expectant mother. She explained that as each knot was tied the baby that would receive it was prayed for and that Jesus loves them.

In Totnari while Gary shared the gospel Faith and I shared the gospel through song with the little children. The people here are so kind and receptive to Gods word.  

At the Wednesday night bible study Esther and Micah did a wonderful job sharing about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus through the flannel graphs we brought. There was about 60 children with a few adults in a very small class room. People were peeking in the windows and doors. There was some distraction, but many of the children sat so still to hear God’s word. Praise God for His faithfulness. Thank you all so much for your prayers. God is answering. 

In Christ’s love


We fly out in the helicopter tomorrow morning so pray for safe travels as we head for Kathmandu on three different flights. Pray for the training that I am doing on Friday with the Nepal police. All the training is biblically based so pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.

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