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This is a blog post from my daughter Faith that I thought would be a great reminder and cause for prayer for all of us.

Pastor Gary

May our Lives Reflect Christ

October 1, 2015Uncategorized

I’m writing this blog post as i lay bed in the country of Nepal. Just today we got back from a week of ministering high up in the mountains of Nepal; in a village called Swara. I’ve just come out of the village and I’m already wishing I could go back. I’d Sleep in a tent and bathe with freezing water every day if that’s what it’d take for the village of Swara to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Comfort zones? Now what is that? According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary one of the definitions for comfort zones is this: the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity. Talking to friends in the states I’ve heard countless times and I’ve even said something along these lines, “Oh, I’d never be able to live there because the weather is too cold,” ” Have you seen how BIG the bugs are? Nope! Not going there,” or “I can’t stand the smell of that type of food, how am I supposed to live in a country where I’m going to have to eat it everyday?”

Hey! Have you ever prayed to ask God to change your perspective on something? I believe, that if you really want to change God can change your weather preference, or he can cause the bugs to be invisible when you’re around, or maybe just give you new taste buds. I recently heard this quote on a missions blog and it stick to me, “Challenge your comfort zones.” I believe that comfort zones build up a wall to help mask our insecurities when we should just face them from the get go. How are we supposed to grow if we never move out from the old habits? The more I’ve been thinking on it the more I’m starting to hate comfort zones.

I don’t think we’d be able to reach the people of Swara the same way we’ve been able to if we only shook their hands while wearing gloves because we were afraid of germs on their hands. Or instead of sitting and having afternoon tea with them we decided to read our own book outside because the smoke odor from their house was too much to handle. ( okay, cheesy analogy, but it’s all this jet lagged brain can do at the moment).

I believe that you’ll never really reach a person until you live along side them. By camping in the middle of the village we were able to meet a lot of people by just being there for them. They were able to examine our lifestyle and see for themselves.

On this trip one of the ladies in the village that was with us practically 24/7 saw our personal devotions, team devotions and saw Jesus shine through us. In the end she committed her life to Jesus. It wasn’t anything we did, but it was God shining through us. I praise Jesus that I have another sister in Christ.

My parents always say “we can send them money or gifts, but what will that do? That’s nice and all, but it’s the fact that we’ve traveled to personally bring them the love of Jesus that they’ll take note of.” Yes, this trip I was noticed a lot, mainly because I’m black living amongst an all Asian community, but that’s the sweetest part. It gave me an opportunity to talk to more people since they were curious. I was able to share God’s love. Our team is made up of people from the Philippines, Korea, Ghana, Sudan, Guam Japan and America. We were able to bring that point up that Jesus brought us all together to share his love. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like because he loves you know matter what.

If people will come to Christ because they see our lives reflecting Christ than that’s all that matters.

Here I am use me for your glory.

Faith Kusunoki

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