Prayer for Missionaries in Nepal

This is a prayer request from our good friends who are missionaries in Nepal. Tonielle is 35 weeks pregnant. Here is her prayer request.

It has definitely been an interesting afternoon/evening in the Sarkar family!! I had to make an emergency visit to my doctor today due to some bleeding. After lots of tests and an ultrasound, we confirmed that Levi is completely healthy and safe. They did, however, find a small separation/tear in my placenta. Because of that, I have been placed on strict, manditory bed rest and have been admitted to the hospital where Levi and I will be under observation for the next 3 or more days. Please keep me, Levi, and Pankaj in your prayers during this time. We have complete peace knowing that God is in control and we are receiving excellent care from the medical staff here. If anything changes with my health or Levi’s health, they will likely schedule an emergency c-section. We will keep you updated as often as possible on how everything is going. Thank you in advance for your prayers and love.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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