Pray for Pastor Dan’s daughter Jane in Japan

Subject: Pray for Jane Arm Surgery

Hello Pastors and Friends,

Just a note to ask for prayer for Jane who fell goofing off at the wrestling tournament last Saturday and broke her arm in two places. The Doctors don’t want to wait and want to surgically repair her fractures with pins. She has a compound fractured on the cap of the radius and the Humerus has a chipped off piece on the lower outer left side. She’ll go into the hospital on Wednesday and will be operated on Thursday morning. We have Star Wars tickets for Saturday’s 10am showing. I made sure the doctor would promise she could get out to see it in time. Hee Hee. It looks like 4 weeks of pins in the bones and then rehabilitation. We are all fine but are scratching our heads wondering why now? I voiced that to Jane on the way to the hospital for a CT scan this morning and she said… “Maybe God wants us to minister to someone in the hospital like a nurse or another patient.” That’s my little missionary. We are praying for God to use this for his glory and for divine appointments. Of course pray for great surgery and speedy recovery. Thank you.

God bless and Merry Christmas,

Dan and Mihoko

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