Prayer for CC Midigo in Uganda

This is from Pastor Charles in Uganda.

We praise Jesus for the second day of outreach. We visited about 18 homes today, most were Muslim homes. At least each home had about 5 members who had opportunity to listen to the gospel of Christ.

It is amazing that no home chased us away from speaking to them. However, most of the people appreciated the sharing though could not give their lives to Christ. The first audience was children in a family and 6 kids gave their lives to Christ. In the subsequent visits, 5 people gave their lives to Christ! A certain Muslim man encouraged us to continue vesting homes with the gospel, as their Muslim teachers do not visit them.

Finally, continue praying for God’s empowerment of the outreach team and God to continue touching lives for salvation.

God bless you.

In His love,

Jjagwe Charles
Calvary Chapel Midigo

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