Prayer for Calvary Chapel of Midigo

Dear Brethren,

Thanks for praying , we conducted a miraculous house-to-house evangelism in the villages of Midigo. The Lord granted favor that these dominant Muslim families opened for us to share the gospel and we prayed with them. We were broken to hear of how many families are being tormented by demonic attacks through night strangulations; this was commonly reported that demons press the necks of family members while they are sleeping. Some people become sick with migratory body pains! We were able to pray with these families.


Some people, especially the Muslim men were so inquisitive to know why we had decided to reach them and what was our motive? The answer was that, because God loves them and has sent us to bring His love to them! It was amazing that specific families have requested us to visit them again and these are Muslim families. Some women asked Levenia to schedule daily time of teaching them at 4pm. One Muslim woman volunteered to mobilize other women to listen to the teachings. We are careful to let men engage Muslim men and women engage Muslim women, as that is when there is less suspicion!


Continue praying that:

  1. The seven souls that gave their lives to Christ will stand and grow in the Lord. May the Lord grant us courage, strength and wisdom as we hold discipleship sessions for the new converts.
  2. There will not be any counter attack to our evangelical program. Several Egyptian and Pakistan Muslim Clerics are already in Yumbe town council for the purpose of propagating Islamic ideologies
  3. We are organizing Muslim evangelism training to the entire church. We have contacted an apologetics teacher from Calvary Chapel Kampala. Please pray that the Lord will use the skills for the effective sharing of the gospel
  4. Effective Home-Based care for People having HIV/AIDS. Many patients default from taking Anti-retral Viral Medicines due to exaggerated side effects caused by inadequate feeding. As we visit these patients, we shall offer basic Psychosocial, spiritual (evangelism) and food.
  5. Support for the fueling of the government vehicle and payment of the driver to transport the Ultra sound from Calvary Chapel Soroti to Midigo. The Ultra sound will help in diagnosis of gynecologic and Obstetric cases. We need $300.00 for this facilitation.


Finally, God bless you all.


In His service,


Jjagwe Charles

Calvary Chapel Midigo.

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