Prayer Request from Calvary Chapel of Midigo, Uganda

I just spoke with Pastor Charles today and he told me that they are coming under increased attack from the Muslims that surround their village. An Imam was recently in the local mosque and he said that Calvary Chapel of Midigo is a “deep pit that has come to swallow Muslims.” He told them they need to wake up. After that a group of radical muslims made a claim against the land that Calvary Chapel of Midigo is on saying that it belonged to them. The local leaders and a government leader told them to stop because Calvary has the title deed to the land. It seems that since they did the hut to hut evangelism that the Muslim clerics are very threatened. So far the community leaders are protecting them though they are also Muslim. Calvary Chapel staffs most of the hospital and pays the majority of their budget so the leaders know that without them the hospital will close. The Lord has used this relationship to protect the church and also as a practical way to show the love of Christ to the community. Please pray for their protection and wisdom in responding to these threats.

Pastor Gary Kusunoki
Assistant Pastor
Calvary Chapel of San Juan Capistrano
31612 El Camino Real
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Office Phone: +1(949)443-2572
Email: pastorgary

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