Missions Prayer Request Updates

Jake DeRose- Montebelluna, Italy

· For the last two weeks of preparing for the Bible College semester.

· Strength spiritually in the ministry.

· For the Lord to provide us with a new building.

· Pastors for the following cities: Feltre, Forno di Zoldo, Longarone, Manfredonia, Torino, Padova.

· My relationship with Jenn.

· Grace in all that the Lord has for me this upcoming season.

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

· Prayer – just a need to be near the Lord. Many activities happening but it is all within the routine of teaching the Bible and English and kids school.

· Prayer for our car and whether or not to repair it or look for other options.

· Pray the Lord to provide according to his will and purpose. Pray for us as it’s been two years since we came home for a visit. We are praying about coming this summer. Thank you for praying.

Nate and Danielle Cate- Florianopolis, Brazil

· Still have not heard from the judge yet and need prayer for comfort and patience. Trying to come home in march for rest; pray that God would provide for their needs.

· They have 2/3 of their funding so they only need $1,000 more.

Roper Family- Hamburg, Germany

• Joey’s surgery was a success! On Thursday, February 4th, Joey had his tonsils removed. He is still in the healing process, but doing good.

• We praise God for blessing the Vision Day and the establishing of the church leadership

• At the Western European Pastor’s Conference, Joey and other pastor laid hands on Janos and ordained him as Joey’s assistant pastor

• Pray for our families health. Rebecca, Aliyah, and Noah are currently sick.

• Pray: Next month, we will be beginning the process to renew Katie & Aliyah’s passports. Please pray for a smooth process.

Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

· Continued prayer for the protection and spiritual growth of the 7 people that accepted the Lord a few weeks ago during the community outreach and for the 15 that accepted the Lord in Yumbe last week.

· The evangelism has resulted in renewed attacks from Muslims in the community. They recently tried to get the church’s land taken away from them but were stopped by the government. Please pray for continued protection.

· Pray for the fish project as they prepare to harvest the first crop of fish in March or April Pray for the success of the tilapia plant that was done in January.

· Pray for peace and clam in Uganda during their national elections tomorrow.

Denise Carlsen – Sudan & Uganda

· Staying for one month in S Sudan- We are to start work on translating the Bible in 8 different languages

· There were around or over 300 people that showed up for the Crusade film and well over 60 people accepted Christ as their Savior!!!! Then if that wasn’t over the top God gave me someone perfect for the Crusades with the Yei pastors we have been preparing in missions to go reach the Murle’s and two other tribes – He lives close by these tribes!!!

Jessica and Fabian Martinez- Colombia

· We are visiting different places where we can minister.

· Praying for our next step after Bible college.

· Our family and Baby Jacob.

· Thank you for praying for us, is a big blessing we keep you in our prayers too.

Cal and Jessie Stuebner- Nicaragua

· Pray: It turns out that Herson has colitis or something similar that will be a long term condition. He has lost fifteen lbs and can not eat anything fried and not much meat. Please continue to pray for him.

· Pray: The school is doing good. Please continue to pray for students to receive Jesus.

· Pray: For the Lord to raise up leaders here in the ministry.

· Pray: For the bakery to find new clients and make enough profit to support Marvin and his family. For creativity to make new products to offer to their customers.

Sherill Sedillo- Hearts 4 Africa

· That we would continue to be in the Lords will as we move forward in building the 1st building of Hearts 4 Africa’s maternal hospital and healthcare clinic.

· Open doors to minister God love to everyone we come in contact with on this missions trip Feb. 24- March 16

· Protection and good health as we travel.

· Financial ability to continue to the next phase

The Reeves Family- China

· Prayers for wisdom as they look for a place to rent for the church ( since the landlord got fearful and will no longer let them meet in the school)

· Praise: the trip to Thailand over Christmas was wonderful; relaxing and refreshing for their family and a success medically (ruthee had a tube inserted in her left hear which helped immediately and as a precaution, Steve had a mole removed from his eyelid)

· Prayer: for everything to be finalized with the school; for wisdom and continued protection for the church.

Missions Trip Prayer

· India – Pastor Gary and Pastor Ryan are heading to Delhi, India in March to teach at a pastors conference. Pray for traveling mercies as well as the teaching through translators to be clear and well received. Pray that the Lord will give them clarity on just what to teach. Pray for the pastors in India, many of whom face intense persecution on a daily basis.

· Nepal – Pray for the team forming to go to Nepal in April. Pray for God to form the team that he wants and for the Lord to prepare them physically, spiritually and emotionally. Pray for team unity and for the hearts of those they will be ministering to, to be open to the Gospel. Pray for Rajiv KC our staff member in Nepal that God will give him wisdom as he prepares for our team and deals with the local leaders in our village. Also pray against the opposition that has arisen from another pastor about 20 minutes away that God would soften his heart.

· Mexico – Pray for the High School trip to Mexico in April that there will be enough kids with passports able to go. Also pray for all the logistics of putting this trip together.

· Uganda – Pray for the team that is forming for our summer trip to Uganda, that the Lord would put together just the right team.

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