Urgent Prayer Request from Pastor Juventine in Midigo

> Dear Pastor Gary,
> We are going through the process of electing leaders from the lower village to the National level including the presidency. We thank God for the completed Presidential and parliamentary elections. >
> Situation at Midigo
> There seems to be a conspiracy of voting out the current Local and District leaders who are favoring Calvary Chapel Midigo. There is a plan of electing leaders who are going to oppose the gospel-integrated community programs as we are seen to be great threat to Islam. We are not mere religious people like the Catholics, but actively sharing the gospel of Christ that is changing many lives because the word of God has power to effect lives!! Pray that our brother Anthony will be re-elected as our Local Council 3 Chairman (Midigo Sub-county leader) as he has opposed many anti-Christian legislations at the Sub-county. >
> Pray that God will frustrate any conspiracy that is intended to oppose to the preaching of the gospel. >
> Our enrollment to our school has reached 700 children. Pray that God will use us to teach the biblical principles to these children for conversion to Christianity and growth in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. >
> In His Love,
> Jjagwe Charles

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