Prayer requests from the India team

We are being so blessed here at the Harvest Mission missionary conference. It has been such a humbling experience to be in the midst of these men and women who have devoted their whole lives to following Jesus no matter what the cost. I feel that I have so much to learn from them as I see their dedication in the Lord.

Please pray for the following:

Prayer requests from The India team:

1. Pray for continued strength physically as we still deal with the effects of jet lag.
2. Pray for the remaining teaching sessions that we have and for the Lord to forever change the hearts and lives of the men and women here by drawing them closer to Him. 3. Pray for continued wisdom and knowledge as we preach the word.
4. Pray for the men and women here who live ever day under the threat of persecution and even death.
5. Pray for God to empower them by His Holy Spirit to be bold witnesses for Him.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for us! Please don’t stop.

Pastor Gary

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