Nepal 0416 Prayer Update

Daniel 11:32 – And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Today Tony began picking up our team members one by one at 2:30 am. I was so blessed to see every team members bright eyed, full of anticipation and joy so early in the morning.

As we headed to the airport my thoughts wandered to what lay ahead of us. This will be my fourth trip to Nepal since the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake a little less than a year ago (April 25th, 2016). So much has happened since that time. We found the small mountain village 3.5 miles from the epicenter and began to help the people to rebuild their live and even more importantly to find new life in Christ.

This has not been without its challenges though. Just as in the verse above their have been some who have flattered us to our face but when we leave do their best to undermine the work. When we first arrived in the village the name of Jesus had never been proclaimed. They were truly an unreached people group. Now more than 100 have made decisions for Christ. Their life has not been easy as they have been opposed by fellow villagers and even from those who say they are Christians in a nearby village. The word we got recently is they are tired and a little discouraged in the face of this. It has been about 5 months since we were in the village last. There have been teams that have gone in the interim but it just seems like it’s been too long since we have been back. Daniel 11:32 was given to Judy one of our team members. It truly epitomizes what we will face and what we have been sent by the Lord to do. Strengthen the believers so that they may do the work of the Lord.

Pray for our team. We will spend a week in the village, living amongst them in tents and visiting them in their homes. Pray for strength, for wisdom and that we will have discernment to know what the believers there need. We go to encourage them in the Lord with the Word of God. Pray for the teaching and subsequent translation to be clear and understandable. Pray for the health of the team, for unity and for The empowering of God’s Holy Spirit. There are seven of us on our team from the US, myself, my wife Carol, Tony Magtoto my assistant team leader, James Vaca, Debbie Andre, Rob Broschinsky and Judy Lewis. Five of us have been to Nepal on other trips but for Rob and Judy this is not only their first trip to Nepal but their first mission trip. I have already been impressed to see their servants hearts and readiness to serve the Lord. Every week they sit and listen to sound teaching from God’s Word. Now that word has taken root in their hearts and created a yearning to go out into the world, and following the command of Jesus, make disciples. Journey with us in prayer as we following the Lord’s leading to the uttermost parts of the world.

In Christ,

Pastor Gary

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