Update from the Nepal Team in Swara

Team Nepal arrived safely in our village. As we approached the area by helicopter we couldn’t help but notice how dry everything was. I had never seen it so brown. As we landed in the village there were about 50 villagers there to greet us. As the helicopter landed an immense amount of dust kicked up blanketing all the people. Still they stayed to greet us. It was so good to see old friends especially Pradeep the first believer ever in the village. As we talked we learned that there has been a terrible drought here. The water sources had dried up and the supply of water that normally supplied our base camp was not available. We were told that the closest water was a 30 minute walk away. When the last team came in on the third helicopter I was told that at the last minute they had pulled our two spare cases of water off due to weight concerns. We had a problem. I rounded up everyone’s water bottles and we had a total of seven liters to spare. We all gathered for prayer to the God who brought water out of a rock. Twenty minutes later it started to rain. Not long after that about 10 people came walking down the hill each carrying a five liter jerry can of water! The Lord is good! The team had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and right now a large water tank is filling with water for us. God is so good. Pray for fruitful ministry and outreach this week and strength for our team.

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