Nepal Team

Everyone on the Nepal team is doing great. Seems like we have all adjusted to the time change and are feeling stronger. The only difficulty now is getting used to the higher altitude (5,500 feet). Today we met with a pastor from a neighboring village. He has been ministering in the next village for many years and has never shared the Gospel here in our village. Lately he has led an opposition against the work that we are doing and fueled some anger in the other villages who felt that they were not getting the same things that our village was. In truth they were better off as they were further down the mountain and aid was more readily accessible for them. At the height of the disaster our village was only able to be reached by helicopter. We were able to reach an agreement to let the past go and start fresh. He invited us to run the service at his church tomorrow so we will do two services. One at the neighboring village and a second in our village. Pastor Christian from Calvary Chapel Florence, Oregon will teach the first and I will teach the second. We will also be sharing in communion with our church for the first time ever in our village. Pray for God to give us the words to encourage the believers here. We also walked up hill to another village where I had ministered in the past. Judy shared the Gospel to the kids and some adults using an Evangecube. When she was done several children accepted the Lord. More adults gathered around so we shared the Gospel with all of them. I had shared here before and no one responded to the Gospel in the past. This time was different as most of the people that were there raised their hand to accept the Lord and renounce all their Hindu gods! Pray that seeds were planted today on fertile soil and that they would grow and flourish. Pray that God will convict Pastor Nehl as he has caused much harm to the believers here. Pray for Pradeep the village elder. The constant persecution and lack of fellowship has taken a toll on hm and he is discouraged. Pray for continued health and strength for the team. We are hiking steep trails.

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