Nepal Team Prayer Update 04/18/16

From Judy Lewis:

Yesterday we started the day in a time of prayer, worship and what we refer to as “devo”. We asked the Lord to guide us where we should go.

We then took our time hiking up the mountain to visit with Kopchi and her fellow villagers. She is an older lady, almost 90, who we medivaced out after the earthquake due to a leg injury. Her leg is now fully recovered! The ladies were busy separating seeds out of pods. And the men were up further on the mountain gathering wood, so there wasn’t much opportunity to minister to them. I wasn’t sure if they just didn’t want to be bothered, so it was a bit discouraging. Rajiv, talking with the ladies a bit longer, heard a wonderful praise report. The young man Ram, who is the grandson of Kopchi, was the one who a received a Proclaimer back in September . He plays it within the hearing of the others, so they are being fed God’s word! (On our last trip we had laid hands on Ram for healing and to be delivered from demons. He was bedridden and could not walk. After we prayed he got up ate and walked!).

Pradeep was also engaged that day in an in depth Bible study. We are continually praying that he would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. It has been a hard time for him, but the Lord is with him.

Sungum, his wife Juna, and their sweet daughter Reetoo are also being ministered to, as they so wonderfully serve us. Pray that they would grow in their knowledge and walk with the Lord. Sungrum has shown a desire to attend the Bible college in Katmandu. Prayers for provision would be appreciated.

Lastly pray for our upcoming church service tomorrow. That the children would learn of and grow in the love of the Lord in a one day vacation Bible school. And that many adults would come to learn about the Lord in the church service.

Thank you for all your prayers! Judy

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