Nepal Update

Greetings from Nepal. Mero nom Rob Ho. That was “My name is Rob” in Nepali. Today was a relaxing day as the team stayed in camp and performed camp duties such as fetching water for the cook, the bathrooms and drinking. Last night, the team experienced a Nepali storm complete with wind gusts that rocked the roof and blew off our shade canopy attached to the side of the dining/cook building. The storm also brought a spectacular lightening storm. Bolts of white with orange shades lit up the night sky, and the thunder rocked the canyon. At breakfast Pradeep prayed out loud over our meal in Nepali. This was the first time he prayed aloud in front of our group. Equally notable our camp chef Mondone prayed for our lunch. We are blessed to have Pastor Christian Dobson from Church on He Rock in Florence Oregon. He has been an integral part of the team by leading daily bible studies with Sungum and Pradeep. They are studying the book of John. Both Sungum and Pradeep are excited to learn God’s Word and were encouraged to read their Bibles and pray together regularly. Tonight, we are having a Church service in the field next to our campsite. The whole village was invited. After the service we will be having a BBQ Bonfire, and be roasting buffalo. There we will have fellowship with the villagers and share Christ. Tomorrow we will head back to the Bible College to rest and do laundry while waiting for the next calling God has for us. Praise report! Sungum’s neighbors, Rosue, Juna, and their daughter accepted Jesus in their hearts. Jesus is here and moving amongst the villages. Please be in prayer for a clear day and safe helicopter rides back to Kathmandu tomorrow.

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