Hello from Uganda

The day has finally come for the team to go and serve Uganda. But first, we had to make it through checking and repacking 55 luggages, each person being responsible for at least 3 baggages. It was a hectic struggle making sure everything wasn’t overweight, but also making sure we would be bringing all we needed.

Then, arriving at the airport, we unloaded all the luggage which also included huge black and yellow crates. Everyone watched us curiously and throughout our traveling, many people recognized us by referring to those crates. And praise God that all 55 luggages made it through because the crates were 9 inches over the maximum size.


The rest of the travel was long, but smooth. We made it through a 16 hour flight, 8 hour layover, another 5 hour flight, about 2 hours at the Entebbe airport, then a 20 minute drive to our hotel on the edge of the stunning Lake Victoria.

The next morning our team split. Few stayed behind to run and teach the Pastor and Pastors’ Wives Conference while the rest went on to minister to Soroti. But before we left, we went into groups and covered the property in prayer.

Some laid their hands on the room doors and prayed for the room and the couple or family that would be staying in there. Others walked the grounds and prayed as they made their way around. It was a blessing to prepare the place for God’s faithful servants and be able to pray with a few staff members there who were cleaning.

As we set off for Soroti, many of the people were saying it would only take 5-6 hours and we’d get there by 4pm. But as Gary always says, “The only thing we can be sure about the plan is that it will change.” The drive, including a few stops, took about 12 hours and we arrived at our hotel at 11pm.

We were absolutely exhausted but also simultaneously excited the next day to be the hands and feet of God to do work in Soroti, Uganda.

Kalea Magtoto


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