26 July, 2016 12:14

Today was another eventful and emotional day for the team. We visited the Midigo hospital where our church has supported many projects.

This is the area I first came to in 1998. When I arrived here the area was extremely impoverished. They had a small clinic that was just one room which had not staff and no medication. In 2000 the Lord brought Dr. Juventine Emuku here. He gave up a thriving medical practice in Kampala to come live in a tent in Midigo. Over the years the clinic developed into a hospital and a Calvary Chapel was planted. The Lord has done such a miraculous work here! All glory goes to Him. Sunday the church was full as we shared in worship and fellowship. It was such a blessed time to see old friends that are now more like family.

At the hospital we visited the maternity ward where Suzette and Mackenzie were able give away about 25 blankets they had made. It was such a wonderful thing to see the joy in these mom’s faces as they wrapped their babies up in the blanket. It was perfect timing as we are entering the rainy season when the temperatures drop low.

We also visited the pediatric ward which was almost full. We were introduced to baby Esther who is about 13 months old. She was severely malnourished. Her face was puffy, her eyes sunken, her skin peeling and her hair had turned orange. She had come in close to death. Her mother had walked from the border with South Sudan. We were told that without the proper intensive treatment and feeding she would probably die. The only problem is that the hospital only had enough money for medicine and no food. Each family had to bring food for their own children. Esther mother did not even have food for herself. We were told that it would take $15 a month for 6 months. Next to her was a young 13 year old named Jane. She had been abandoned by her family and left to starve on her own. She too needed food to keep her alive. The team all got together and gave $700. Enough to bring 10 babies back from the brink of starvation. Please pray with us that God will meet the needs of these downtrodden.

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