29 July, 2016 21:33

Our team has been tirelessly ministering to churches and communities. This past Monday, we visited a refuge camp where many Southern Sudanese refuges were kept. It was heartbreaking to see them being transported to another camp while they all stood in a packed truck and held tightly to anything they could. Pastor Gary mentioned there were 2,000 refuges prior to Monday morning.

We started the day with preaching the gospel, and many received Christ who sent us. We also provided medical care, prescription, food and hygiene items to meet their physical needs also. What I was amazed about the most is how God used us to speak about Jesus and His love in songs we sang to children and conversations we had with adults. As God called, I had a privilege of leading an elderly woman who is alone and lost 11 of children to accept Jesus. Now, heaven is her home.

Please pray for God’s mercy and grace for all refuges and for their salvation. One woman left behind a lame and blind husband and her little child behind with little hope for survival as she escaped with her 3 other children. Stories like this are many.

Please keep them in your prayer. God bless!

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