Update on the Fish Farm in Uganda

Hello Church Body,

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support in the area of Midigo, particularly, the Aquaculture fish farm. Our latest Uganda team was able to visit the pond and see the progress. We were even able to taste some of the harvested fish (it was delicious). Midigo is an extremely poor area of Uganda where malnutrition especially amongst children is above 40%.  One of the biggest problems is the lack of access to protein.  The area is hours from the closest body or water, hence access to fresh fish is non-existent.  Aquaculture involves more than just raising fish.  The waste from the fish is very high in nitrogen which is used as a natural fertilizer for the fields.  Runoff from the tanks is piped into the fields to help to produce and more vibrant crop.  We are so excited to see the impact that this project will have on the community.  As Calvary Chapel of Midigo begins to provide fresh fish to the community and grow their own food they become self-sustaining and can actually used money earned from selling the fish to help them in further ministry.  This is also effective in reaching the community as they see CCM as desiring to help the community.  The fish and the food grown is also used for the Calvary Chapel School to feed the students.  Here are some photos:


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