Urgent prayer for Calvary Chapel Midigo

This was just sent to me by Pastor Charles in Midigo. Please be in fervent prayer!

Dear Pastor Gary,

Hope this finds you well. We experienced hard time yesterday.
A mother died yesterday after rapture of the uterus while in Maternity ward. It was silent rupture and by the time Dr. Kizito was called she was in hypovolaemic shock with severe Anaemia. She was rushed to Theatre but died soon arriving in theatre as Dr. Kizito and the theatre team were resuscitating her. The community alleged that the mother died of negligence and with hatred community mobilized to come and harm the doctor. I called the police from Yumbe who immediately came and whisked the doctor away. Otherwise, the community alleges that we only provide services as a way of converting them to Christianity!

Pray for safety for all the Medical staff and church. Dr. Kizito is much demoralized to continue working in such hostile environment. We pray for wisdom and peace as he makes decision of the next move.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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