Update 1 Baton Rouge

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Tony and I arrived in Baton Rouge this evening and were met by LT. Durren Boyce of the Baton Rouge Police Department and Captain Percy Knight of the Bogalusa Police Department along with his wife and son. I worked with Captain Knight eleven years ago after Hurricane Katrina when his city was hit very hard. It was so good to see him after almost 10 years and to remember all the Lord did in the aftermath of Katrina.

Lt. Boyce is not only a police lieutenant, but he is also a chaplain with the department. It was such a blessing to sit around the table with law enforcement professionals and hear their heart for the Lord and desire to save the lost.

The Baton Rouge Police Department has been through so much in the last two months starting with a week of racially charged riots and then a sniper killed two of their officers and a Sheriff’s deputy on July 17th. Followed a month later by devastating floods. Lt. Boyce talked non-stop at dinner about all the hardships the department has had to endure and his role as the ranking department chaplain. We began to get an idea of at least one of the reasons for us to be here. To minister to Lt. Boyce. Please be in prayer for him and the members of this department along with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s department that not only experienced the death of three of their own, but so many also lost their homes in the flood. The stress on them has been unimaginable.

Tomorrow we go to police headquarters and then head out to see the affected areas. We will be looking for where and to whom the Lord would have us to minister with our team next month. Please pray that the Lord would equip us to minister to the first responders and the victims.

If you are interested in joining our team, we are tentatively planning on October 7-14th. The cost would be around $1,000 including airfare. Sign up on the interest list at events.ccsjc.com.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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