The Reeves Family in Asia

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Update from the Reeves…

Our first month back has flown by! Between work/school, church, new responsibility with the orphanage and family, it seems as though we have been on the move since we landed.

Here’s a brief rundown on what’s been happening.

Work/School – The school relocated to a new campus (praise) which is large enough to hold all of our existing K3-12th grade students at the same location. This is a huge blessing for us, as our family no longer has to be split up on different campuses. With all moves, however, there comes lots of work! Our 10 day teacher orientation consisted mostly of moving furniture and boxes, but overall was well worth it! We are looking forward to how the Lord is going to use this new campus for His glory in the community here.

Church – Things at the international fellowship have been going great the last month. Service has been filled beyond capacity the last few weeks; pray for continued protection and guidance for the leadership team as we navigate the often tricky religious situation here. Steve is continuing his study through the book of Daniel, and will begin Chapter 9 next week. Pray that the body would be moved to walk in the light as we study about and look forward to the return of Christ.

Haven of Hope (HoH) – The kids are awesome! As many of you heard over the summer, Carissa took over as director of HoH just before we left for our furlough. HoH is a special needs foster home that is a ministry of the International Church. We have hit the ground running with this since our return, and have found that it is in need of some rearranging in a number of areas. The church has responded well so far to our desire to have it become a more hands on ministry for them as a body, as opposed to a cause that they occasionally give money to. It has been wonderful just to see volunteers step up and do some simple things, like bringing the kids to church with them or picking them up on a Saturday and take them swimming. Please pray for continued wisdom as we try to figure out a number of (large) organizational things, including budgetary items, workers contracts, and a bunch of paperwork related to China’s new Charitable organization laws that went into effect last week.

Family – Our family has been moving at a crazy pace since our return, but overall the transition back has been good. We just finished week two of School (we now have one in K-5, 3rd, 6th and 7th!) and the kids seem to be off to a good start. Vaylah seems more settled and peaceful in her relationship with her classmates then the last two years, so we are very happy about that. Continue to pray for all of them that they would desire and pursue good friendships, and that they will be willing to stand for what’s right no matter the cost.

Other news – Many of you have been praying with us for several years for our language teacher, Lily. The great news, as we shared with some of you this summer, is that Lily has been born again! Praise Him for His faithfulness! This weekend, Steve will have the honor of ‘officiating’ her marriage to one of the Christian teachers from the school!

We would also like to give a special shout out of thanks to everyone who allowed our family to crash with you, hosted us for a meal, blessed us financially and any number of other things that happened to us this past summer. It truly was a blessed time!

Love from the Reeves!

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