Update 5 Baton Rouge

Today we had the opportunity to work alongside Lt. Boyce of Baton Rouge PD. He asked us if we would help work on a house that belongs to one of the dispatchers at the PD.  We were more than happy to help him and it was a real blessing to support him.  The house we worked on was flooded out at about 3 to 3.5 feet!   You can see where the watermark is on the outside of the house. The water was up just at the top of the white railing!  The second home – you’ll see the watermark on the garage wall. The water height there was close to 6 feet! and the water sat in both homes for a least a few days before it drained away.  From the outside looking at the neighborhoods, it’s so hard to imagine the amount of water that was here and where it came from.

To help give you perspective to what these people are going through, imagine your home right now where you are, filled with dirty river water, drainage water, 3 to 5 feet high! Having that water stagnant in your home for 3 days or more and finally being able to enter your home after the water subsides.  Everything you have is soaked, with mold and mildew growing, and all your stuff ruined.  To save your home from further damage you have to pull everything out and throw it all away! Leaving you with just a shell of a home with skeleton framing inside. (See the pictures below)

Alot to take in and we’ve only been inside two specific homes and there are thousands of homes just like this; not taking into account commercial buildings that were also affected and having to be cleaned out.

Amongst the trash and things we were taking out of the home, I found a prayer taped to a bathroom mirror. How we all might benefit from the same prayer for ourselves.

Amazing how the Lord works and gives you divine appointments at the right place and right time.  As I was in front of the home adding to the pile of debris, I saw a man across the street and he seem to be walking around lost in front of his own home. I felt something heavy on my heart and walked up to him and I immediately saw how stressed he was, how lost he seemed to be.  I asked how he was holding up and he shared a bit and shared how hard this was for his wife.  I asked his name and he said “Bobby, Bobby Walker and immediately asked, “Where you from?” I said California. He quickly said “why?!” I replied “because Jesus sent me, and we’re here to serve.” His face, his attitude, his countenance, his expression, changed. He smiled and a sense of peace came about him. He then said, “I’ve been praying”. I asked how can I pray for him and I prayed for him right then and there and I don’t think he was expecting that.  After we lifted up his petitions in the name of Jesus he looked at me and smiled ear to ear!  Walked back into his house with a little skip in his step!

“And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward.” – Matthew 10:42

In this case, I believe he got a cold refreshing cup of the Holy Spirit and he was reminded that God is faithful and won’t leave him or forsake him.

Lastly, Pastor Gary got all dusty, dirty, and sweaty pulling nails out  of the wood and prying up carpet tacks nailed into the concrete. Pastor John from Calvary Chapel Westgrove came by to support the efforts of getting this house ready for rehab and providing some construction insight to LT. Boyce and a little to Pastor Gary as well.



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