Baton Rouge Update 6 From Tony

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” – Matthew 25:40

Every day here is a new experience and an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those we come in contact with. It was a blessing to have another member of the CCSJC family join us – James Vaca.  Always a blessing to serve with him. Pastor Gary and I have been able to serve with James on the field in Uganda, Nepal, Tijuana on more than one occasion, and here we are again together in Baton Rouge. He is a much needed addition to this “exploration” team with his construction background.

Today we were off running! Got to Denam Springs Police Dept where James and I started hanging drywall and cleaning up the offices. They needed two specific offices done today and we were able to get that accomplished. The one office needed to be ready is for a financial services team and the other is for the Chief of Police.  There is still so much to get done to bring a sense of order to the PD. The officers and additional staff need organization of their work areas and right now everything for the most part is in disarray. Below is a picture of the Detectives Office. Everything is pushed into the center of the room and you can see what’s left of their interrogation room.


After helping James for a few hours, it was time prepare a meal for the officers and Officer Daniel Beadle was quick to remind me that it was about time I get to cooking! It was really a blessing to be in their kitchen and interact with the officers as they passed through the kitchen regularly.  Many were excited to eat what we were making. There are no Japanese restaurants in Denam Springs and it was exciting to see how they would like the food Pastor Gary and I prepared for them.  We made them hibachi chicken, vegetables, and Gary’s special fried rice. I was also able to make them sushi! We even made them Spam Musubi! Yes Spam Musubi!  One officer said, “I love me some spam, but what is MOO what?” But after he ate one he was hooked! Now here is what I personally think is by far the best reaction I’ve ever heard someone say about sushi.

( Pictures and dialogue below )

Tony: Officer Burkes would you like a sushi hand roll?

Officer Burkes: I’d be open to trying one.

Tony: Would you like to try the same one your partner was eating?

Officer Burkes: Yes that might be a good start.

Tony: Ok here’s your spicy tuna handroll.

Officer Burkes: Looks good. “Im a try it” ( as you can see he took a big bite )

Tony: What you think?

Officer Burkes: That Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables were delicious! This sushi…well…This an education! it un acquired taste! ( southern draw accent )

James, Pastor Gary, and Myself could not stop laughing! He repeated more than once … “Yep that was an education!” Why am I telling you about this? Because it’s about the little things that God gives us. The joy in the simplest things like making a meal. Making someone smile and having a laugh. In this instance, officer Burkes will NEVER forget the first time he tried Sushi in his own police station. The time a few guys came all the way from California to personally make him a Japanese meal.  I’m sure he got to forget about all that’s been going on down here. All that’s going on with the people and the impact of the flood on his job and the entire community as a whole. If only for just a moment.  I pray that the rest of his shift was an easier one. And in the future when he’s feeling the pressures of life he’ll remember this moment and chuckle and remember the Lord sent us to him. We don’t know the difference we can make with the most routine or mundane task.

… as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me. (Matthew 25:40)

Pray for:

Wisdom and discernment for the Chief of Denam Springs PD.

Peace and Understanding for all the officers.

The community of Denam Springs to seek God first and trust in His provision not the promise of provision from man established agencies.

That the community would come together and work together through this tragedy together.

The community to seek Jesus and the hope that is in Him.




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