11 October, 2016 20:10

Subject: Blessed to Serve an Awesome God!


Our first cleanup today involved a police officer, Earl and his family. We spoke to them as we demo’d their home after the flood destroyed their home and some of their belongings. They are still awaiting payment from their insurance company. Unlike some of the people here, not only were they able to have flood insurance, they were required to have it in order get a loan. They are behind their neighbors on repairs because they didn’t think the damage was that bad. Their baby girl developed some symptoms and they took her to a doctor. It turns out they had mold in their house and she had respiratory problems. She is fine now, Praise God. The mom had an appointment today to take their other two children to the doctor to have them checked out too. In appreciation for our work, she bought us some Church’s Fried Chicken. It was pretty good! We were very thankful as well! They were a very nice family and we were as blessed to bless them as they were to be blessed!

The second house we went to, Nicole, a police dispatcher, asked us to clean out two storage rooms that were hit very hard by the flood waters. She just wanted us to throw everything away. By throwing everything away, it means just putting it all out on their front yard along the street so it can be picked up by a truck at a future date. We saw so many homes with trash piled up in from of their houses. How heartbreaking this was to see. Another thing that really touched my heart was seeing her small daughter sitting in the back seat of her car by herself as the mother was talking to one of our other volunteers. I walked over to her and said hi. She was on her mother’s phone watching a movie. I asked her if the flood water scared her. She had a sad look on her face and said yes. It looked like she was ready to cry. I told her that it would be alright, and at that point, the mother came back to the car and they had to leave. I really wish I could have spent more time talking with this sweet little girl. The people here really need someone to sit or stand with them to comfort them, even if it’s just to listen. Even scared little girls like this one.

Craig Miller

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