Anchored international relief – day 6

>> Is it Wednesday already? Time flies when you’re serving the Lord. Today, our team was divided into three sub-teams. The first team continued their work to minister and bless Denham Springs Police Department by restoring and upgrading their kitchen and squad room. The second team ministered to and blessed Lieutenant Duren Boyce by working on his home’s work shed. We could see his appreciation by the tears in his eyes. The 3rd team worked on the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police). It’s like a police officer’s association. Being on the 3rd team, I was looking forward to meeting with some more Baton Rouge police officers. When we arrived at the FOP, The place was an empty warehouse An administrator named Lori greeted us. The entire interior which is about 9600 ft.² needed to be gutted. Our team removed the partition walls, the electrical conduits, room frames, ceiling tiles and insulation. The FOP wanted to remodel so that they can use it as a place to hold meetings and events. I expecting to hear that. What I didn’t expect to hear was that the FOP was thinking ahead of how they may protect and serve their community and other communities. They wanted to build two exterior restrooms to make it more convenient for people when they hold events outdoors. A lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina was that they needed a staging area for relief teams to stay at. They wanted to build a shower facility inside the FOP so that they can host relief teams or provide shelter for displaced families impacted by natural disasters or other emergencies. They can use their FOP as temporary living quarters. Working side-by-side with one another, you get to know each other pretty well. During this entire time, the working conditions may not be ideal and sometimes the location can get pretty hot and stuffy. I am blessed to work with people who not once complain about the working condition, the work they were assigned to or the length of time stayed at a particular place. I know that we are here to be a blessing to the first responders in Baton Rouge. A blessing for me is seeing my co-laborers work joyfully and tirelessly as onto the Lord. >
>> In His love, Keith Lee

2 thoughts on “Anchored international relief – day 6

    1. Hi Carol, it was a pleasure working alongside you and the whole team. I’ll be sure to look for you and the rest of the team during church services. May the Lord continue to richly bless you.

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