Missions Prayer Requests 11/2/16

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

  • Praise the Lord Rachel is out of the procedure and she is doing fine. She’ll be back to school in two days.
  • This Tuesday to Friday is the pastors retreat. About 50 guys have signed up to my knowledge. Praise the Lord.
  • On 11/12 I am giving a speech at an event in Tokyo to raise awareness for organ donation. Pray all goes well.
  • 11/6 is a joined service at a local park with about 3 other Calvarys.  Pray for the fellowship and fun to be blessed.
  • Pray for a problem with some that refuse to forgive. It seems the enemy is tarnishing our Character because of the weakness of others. The battle is the Lords. Though we are imperfect He remains perfect forever.

Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

  • Pray that the Lord will give courage to the new converts to stand strong amidst the persecution
  • Pray for strength, as there is much to do and not enough help. Pray for God to grow up men and women for the ministry work
  • Please pray for wisdom as they work out ministry needs including the discipleship classes in the church
  • Pray against the war in South Sudan and provision for the needs of those in the Refugee camps.
  • Pastor Charles and Pastor Juventine just returned from Ghana where they attended a Pastors’ conference; praise: it was a fruitful and refreshing time
  • Praise: We have permission from the government to work in the Refugee camps of the Sudanese refugees.
  • Praise: The issue with Dr. Kizito and the hospital, where the miscarriage was, has been resolved.

Tim & Priscilla Ives- Chihuahua, Mexico


  • We are thankful that we were able to go back to the States for a couple weeks so that Priscilla could see some doctors and figure out what has been going on with her health.
  • We are praising the Lord for the wonderful relationships He has already allowed us to establish with many of the people in the church here.


  • For Priscilla’s health.  She feels much better than she did before but there are days where she still doesn’t feel well.
  • For language comprehension (especially for Josiah and I).
  • For wisdom on how to best get plugged into our community.  We are planning on starting the kids in sports and activities soon.  We hope that these and other things can be fun things for the kids that help make Chihuahua home while also allowing us to build relationships with non-Christians in our community.
  • For clarity of vision and timing as to the long-term plans that the Lord has for us to plant a church on the north side of Chihuahua and minister at the university.
  • That Jesus would be magnified in all we do.

 Cal and Jessie Stuebner- Managua, Nicaragua

Cal and Jessie Stuebner:

  • Please pray for our health.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we each manage our separate ministries.
  • Please pray for our marriage to stay strong.
  • Please pray for Jessie’s family. Her dad has begun radiation therapy for his prostate cancer, and it has been very difficult. The side effects are very intense and hard on everyone.
  • Please pray for our family members who aren’t saved.

Calvary Chapel Managua:

  • Please pray for the teenage girl, Ashley, who lives across the street. She has some form of encephalopathy, which has been making it difficult for her to walk, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Her brain is swollen and not getting enough oxygen, she cannot see out of one eye, and one side of her body is weak (like symptoms of a stroke). Most of her family is Catholic, but they have asked us to pray.
  • Please pray for Noel as he is teaching on Wednesdays. We are hoping this continues, and maybe even grows into something more.
  • Please pray for our youth group and our new Awana program to experience the power of the Holy Spirit; and for both to be used as a tool to bring people to Christ.
  • Please pray for God to raise up musicians for our worship team. Currently, we are doing everything karaoke style.
  • Please pray for the sponsorship program for our school students to grow

 Jake and Jenn DeRose- Italy

  • Last month of the semester to go smoothly and the Lord to continue to work in the lives of the students.
  • The auction of the new potential building in these next few weeks; for the perfect price so we can win the auction on the new building (Lord willing).
  • Jenn to learn Italian quickly and dealing with culture shock.
  • Monthly financial support.
  • Wisdom in planning our college group retreat.

Joey and Rebecca Roper – Hamburg, Germany

  • Our 1st Men’s Retreat! – This weekend there are a total of 8 men getting away for a retreat up at the Baltic Sea. Please be praying for the men: Janos, Martin, Patrick, Chris, Simon, Patrick, Ghanem, and Joey.
  • A New Building??? – this past month we found out that we will not be able to meet at our current location for the whole month of November. This past Tuesday we met with one of the owners of this location and we are waiting to hear back from him by the end of this month. So we would ask you to please be praying for this situation once again!
  • 18-30 Meeting – One of the key things that the Lord highlighted to us at our leadership getaway is in regards to those who attend our church that are in between 18 & 30 years of age. At the end of this month we are planning a meeting with this age group. We really believe this to be an important meeting, so your prayer support will be greatly appreciated!
  • Christmas Service – please begin to pray now for this year’s Christmas service. Joey has a meeting today in regards to the preparation of this service and outreach. Please pray for clarity and direction for this year’s service.
  • People stepping into ministry – It is a slow start, but we are starting to have people step into some of the different ministries that have been started within the church. Please pray for the people of CityLight to continue to step out in faith to serve one another.

Jessica and Fabian – Columbia

  • Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family and our ministry! Please join us in prayer for the following things:
  • That Jacob wouldn’t have any after effects from the Zika virus.
  • The finances for the Christmas event for the men at the rehab center.
  • Acceptance of Fabians immigration papers.
  • For wisdom in how to use our time after graduation.
  • For opportunities to share Jesus with those around us.
  • For Fabian during his last week or two of classes.

Sherill Sedillo- Hearts for Africa

  • Sherill left for Uganda on Tuesday 10/13 and will be there until 11/13.
  • Please ask the prayer team to keep her in prayer for safe travels and for success in wrapping up the maternal healthcare building construction.
  • Please pray that the Rotary Grant money that has already been awarded will find the Ugandan Rotary Chapter that can facilitate the disbursement of the money.
  • Please pray that the funds required to complete the flooring and the interior plumbing fixtures will be provided.
  • Please offer praise for the miracle of getting this far with this project.

Heather and Courtney Kusunoki- Uganda

  • Good health, wisdom, guidance , and endurance for us
  • Sudanese Refugees-health, food, comfort, and safety
  • That our NICU babies would continue to grow and do well
  • That the staff at the hospital would continue to have a desire to learn and grow
  • Our sister Abong Lydia to do well in school.
  • Our brother Majok Abraham to find the job God would have for him
  • Our brother Anei Peter as he goes back for Med school in January
  • Our brother Santino Aguer that he would have a desire to follow after Christ and be responsible

Find more information on these missionaries at Calvary Missions site.

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