Mission’s Prayer Request 12.21.16

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

  • Two things we are waiting on right now. Is one Mihoko’s swearing in date for her US citizenship. We were told most likely November but that has past and still no email.
  • Pray for number two a new place to live. We are wanting to stay here in Iruma where we have been for 8 years but the fruit is sparse and we are praying if God would have us go elsewhere?  Pray if it’s the Lord’s will we can buy the house we are renting and just stay where we are or should we move on?

Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

  • God’s provision for more Medicine and Surgical supplies needed by the high number of patients at Midigo hospital. The current Medicine budget is now small to meet the Patient needs. There has been high patient increase due to the big Sudanese Refugees in the area
  • Fruitful weekly discipleship outreach to the Refugee camps. We have opened a church at Bidibidi Refugee Camp. Pray also for strength and security as we travel to the Refugee Camp
  • General ministry needs as we look forward for various areas of service
  • Maintenance of sound doctrine. We desperately desire that we should never compromise over our basic Calvary Chapel distinctives! May the Lord help our present and future generation to uphold the study and teaching of the whole counsel (OT and NT) of God’s word.

Tim & Priscilla Ives- Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Please pray that I (Tim) would learn Spanish as quickly as possible and that the Lord would guide us into what He has for us here.

Cal and Jessie Stuebner- Managua, Nicaragua

  • Please continue to pray for Ashley Castro, the girl across the street from the church who has She continues to struggle to recover her sight in one eye and the use of her limbs. Also pray for her family to accept Jesus.
  • Please continue to pray for God to raise up musicians/instrumentalists for our worship team.
  • Please pray for our school to be full as we begin enrollment for the new school year, which starts the first week of February. Please also pray that God will continue to provide support and sponsors for the school.

Jake and Jenn DeRose- Italy

  • Praise for another great semester with the students!
  • Pray for protection of the ministry here: going through a lot of attacks.
  • Jenn learning Italian.
  • Jake’s teachings, having to step in for Pastor Craig more often.
  • The Winter break to be fruitful and full of ministry opportunities.
  • More monthly donor. Financial provision for health & car insurance for next year.

Jessica and Fabian – Columbia

  • Acceptance of Fabians immigration papers.
  • For opportunities to share Jesus with those around us.
  • For their time here in CA for the next several weeks to be restful and fruitful

Heather and Courtney Kusunoki- Uganda

  • Baby Heather was able to go home but will be coming back weekly to ensure she is growing well. Keep praying for her and her family
  • Pray for the 8year old girl with tetanus, that the Lord would heal her body and take away her pain. Be in prayer that there will be a medication available to her that will take the toxins circulating in her blood.
  • Only have 3 weeks in Uganda left so pray for us to use our time wisely!

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