Prayer journal from the Nepal 0117 Team – # 1

Look to me and be saved….

Isaiah 45:2

As I write this we are beginning our descent into Kathmandu. After about 24 hours of travel I am looking forward to a shower and clean clothes.

On every mission trip as I make my way towards our intended destination I always wonder what is ahead of us? How will this team do? What difficulties or trials lay in store? The Lord reminded me that though those our valid questions, the most important task before me is to is to keep my eyes on Christ.

We have a small but great team. Five of us have been here before and are anxious to get back to see old friends and see how our village of Swara is doing. For Danielle Pelletier this is her first trip to Nepal. She is a pediatric emergency room nurse and I am anxious to see how God will use her giftedness and training. On this trip we will be making the long trek up to Swara by vehicle. The last time it took us over 13 grueling hours to make the 50 mile drive from Kathmandu to Swara. To say I’m not really looking forward to this would be an understatement. Yet I am confident that this is what God has called us to. We will take two days to make the trip this time stopping in a small town overnight and then driving 8 hours the next morning. Our heart is to begin to establish the fledgling believers into a real fellowship. We will be teaching, discipling and doing medical clinics. At least that is our plan.

  1. Pray that God will give Tony and I wisdom and discernment as the team leaders.
  2. Pray for traveling mercies for us and safe travels on the road to Swara.
  3. Pray for team unity to continue. Everyone on this team has already been so submitted and flexible. We need it to continue to the end.
  4. Pray that God will protect us as we move about sharing the Gospel. Pray that no official will take offense to it and cause trouble.
  5. Pray for health for the team.
  6. Pray for divine appointments and for our team to be a witness of Christs love in both word and deed.
  7. Pray that God will give us a boldness to share and that His word would go forth with power.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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