Update From Team Nepal 2017

This is my fourth trip back to Nepal since we started serving here shortly after their major earthquake back in April of 2015 killing nearly 9000 people and injuring just under 22,000. The Lord called us here to minister to them and He led us to an unreached people group about  3 miles from the epicenter of the quake which leveled 95% of their village.

We’ve been in country for just a few days and a person from the outside looking in might think we are on vacation hanging out with friends and family enjoying fellowship.  You might think to yourself are these people or this team really on a mission trip? Aren’t they supposed to be ministering to the less fortunate or something like that? I keep seeing them at the local coffee shop, restaurants, and with different people.

The different people we’ve been spending time with are the local missionaries and Nepali Nationals who are here full time serving the Lord in a variety of capacities. What we call mission work is their everyday lives. These are the people constantly pouring themselves out and we were given the privilege to pour into them, to refresh them, to pray with them, to bring them a bit of home that they miss, to give them a sense of family, and to encourage them, and deliver a word of exhortation from the Holy Spirit.

I’ve come to learn that mission work is dynamic and takes on a variety of tasks and the Lord uses the specialized gifts He’s given to each team member to meet a divine appointment that He’s set. That specific appointment will never be what you think it should be. No two mission trips are alike even if to the same place.  Having a cup of coffee with a missionary and being in fellowship is just as important as going out to minister to a leper or sharing the Gospel. Because it’s about bringing the love of Jesus to whomever you are interacting with, allowing Jesus to live through you and use you to answer someone’s prayer.

I think about the apostle Paul and all the missionary journeys he went on to share the Gospel and to also strengthen the brothers and sisters in the Lord ultimately strengthening the church.  There is much to do here for the kingdom of the Lord and it’s not about us trying to take on every task we think needs attention it’s about humility and submission to Jesus allowing Him to give us a task from the most obscure to the obvious. Putting us in a public position for all to see or a supporting role where your contribution could easily go unnoticed.

I’ve been re-reading Victorious Christian Service and it’s been a blessing to see the principles that Alan Redpath outlines in action here. “I was struck by something that he pointed out – Because we share that one life ( Life in Christ ), we share one great purpose and one great work: it is the building of lives into the Kingdom of God, and in this task  one hundred per cent cooperation between Christian people is absolutely vital.”

The lives to be built up and built into the kingdom can also be a Christian brother or sister who is laboring for the Lord who needs a fresh filling of the Spirit.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” -Proverbs 27:17






2 thoughts on “Update From Team Nepal 2017

  1. Brother – great post – thank you for sharing your experience – praying for the Lord’s guidance and strength

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