Nepal Team Prayer Update

Tuesday visit to the Leper Colony – At first the sight of people missing hands and feet was shocking but we were all reminded that Jesus touched the lepers to make the clean. These people need hope and the love that only Jesus can offer. When we reached out to shake their hands they pulled back at first not used to anyone wanting to touch them. Then they would grab our hands with both of theirs and smile. We prayed for many of them. They remembered us from our last trip. One man was reading his bible when we got there. We will go back to minster there next week when we return from Swara.

The Promise Child girls home we visited on Monday was completely different. From the moment we got there these precious little girls reached out to us just wanting to be held or to sing a song to us. They showed us their school work and pictures they had colored and then sang songs about Jesus. It was such a blessing to see the love the director and his wife poured into them. In a couple of hours we will begin a two day drive to the mountain village of Swara. The team is so excited to see the people again and share Jesus. We brought the Jesus Film with them which will be the first time most of them have ever seen a movie much less one about Jesus. Pray for traveling mercies, safe passage and open hearts.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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