God’s Will, Not Ours

We are back in Kathmandu. As Pastor Gary always says in our meetings prior to making a missions trip, “Pray, pray, pray. Flexible, flexible, flexible.” And that “the only thing for sure, is that the plans will change”
God had different plans for us on this trip. We were all excited to make the journey to Swara, to meet up with Pradeep, Sungum, their wives and children and the rest of village of Swara. The rain stopped us from going up the mountain. 
We were blessed to be welcomed in a small village, Piple Tuak, by Aneil. A man who has taken on the role as shepard and Pastor of the village. We were able to attend church, worship and fellowship. His passion and dedication to his village can only come from the Lord. He is being poured out for God. 

We did a 2- day medical outreach in the village of Jingatan, a one hour jeep ride along the ridges of Nepal. This community is Muslim, and at first the leaders were very visible and did not want any message of the gospel to be spoken. Dr. Ashish and Sunita (nurse) saw a little over 200 patients. Danielle assisted with talking vitals and Judy assisted in dispensing medication. 

But as only God can do, He calmed the seas and wind and appointed Pastor Gary two young men who came, the opportunity to share. Rajiv was able to share with a man, and when he asked him if he was a Christian the man said he was Muslim. Rajiv asked why then did you listen, he said to him “I was willing to listen” 

In a devotions by Dr. Ashish, said “change can be the start of a new journey”. That is what this trip is about. The Lord gave us a new journey. Even though we all wanted to go to Swara, the prayers were for wisdom and discernment and for God to guide us. “not as I will, but as You will”

It has been a blessing to a part of this team with the same unity of vision and unity in purpose. God’s vision and God’s purpose. 

Pray for the new journey that has been started. Pray for Aneil and the ministry the Lord has given him. Pray that all should come to know the saving grace and mercy of the Lord. 



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