Leprosy colony

God is so incredibly good. He’s blessed us with so much beautiful fellowship on this trip. Today we got to return to the leper colony. We were joined by ten other Americans from South Jersey Calvary Chapel and a group of Nepalis from local churches. Together we catered a Nepali lunch for the colony and provided everyone in the village (about 170 people) with a care package of toiletries.

As a nurse, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to learn about the disease process of leprosy since we never see it in the states. Leprosy affects the nerves and prevents the feeling of sensation or pain. Over time, the hands and feet become deformed and the fingers and toes wear away since the person can no longer feel pain and discomfort to protect themselves from injury.

I’ve completely fallen in love with these people. Here is a group of people who are social outcasts. Their bodies are wearing away, and yet they raise their fingerless hands in singing praise to Jesus. I can’t even put into words the beauty of seeing people who have nothing praising the Lord for what He has done for them. Our time of fellowship with them was joy filled and such a blessing.

Although there is a very strong Christian presence, not all in the colony know Jesus personally. Please pray that the love that they received today would make an impact on their hearts and that God would reveal Himself to them in a personal way. We were already seeing hearts softened since we were there last week. God is good and actively working!


-Danielle Pelletier

We were blessed today teaming up with “SJC East ” (as Tony calls them),  which is Calvary Chapel of South Jersey and also the Kathmandu Bible College. We revisited the Leper colony blessing them with a wonderfully cooked meal,  (there was one man who climbed down off the roof to receive his). Packages with things such as soap and toothpaste.  And  then the gospel message was shared and they really seemed to listen intently. We spent the rest of the time fellowshipping with each other and loving the lepers.  Please pray for many to see the love of Jesus and desire to know Him.

-Judy Lewis

Today was our return trip to the Leper Colony. We were joined by a group from South Jersey Calvary. We were part of a feeding and passed out personal hygiene products to approx. 170 people.
This is my fourth visit and I am amazed at how sharing God’s love can bring light and joy to a place and people that are almost forgotten. Many of them have be left and receive no visits from family.
Todays visit was especially heartwarming. With the help of interpretation from Joti, we were ministered to by two women. Each told of there love for God, their children and family. Their desire for their loved ones who are not walking with the Lord. That they would come to the saving knowledge of Him. Never once did any of them complain or have any self pity in their circumstance. Both had smiles and held fast to the Lord.
Here are a couple of qoutes from these amazing women:
Kemona: “Their is only one Christ who knows my pain”
Gonga: “I only need the love of God”
This is a stark change from our first visit. Many people come, but never return, they say. We have made new friends and are welcomed warmly.
The visit was ended with song and dance. With hugs and tears. And as Pastor Jerry said in his message. “As a brother or sister in Christ, we don’t say good bye. We say, we will see you soon or we will see your later” It was a good day.


-James Vaca

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