Leadership In 21st Century

Today was another unique day of ministry for this particular team to Nepal. We had the opportunity as a team to attend a leadership training that Pastor Gary did for the Nepali Police Department entitled Leadership in the 21st Century.  There were about 40 officers who were all leaders of a particular squad of specialists in the Disaster Management Division.

He was able to give them practical tools in how to deal with Environmental, Technological, Sociological, & Cultural changes which affect how they handle their police work and how they manage their subordinates. He gave them a biblical worldview on how they might consider who they are and what particular roles they might have in serving each other as well as the public.

This training was based on 1 Timothy 1:2 about what it means to be a police officer and how grace, mercy, peace, & compassion affect them in how they think and how they might interact with the public. The training went on to discuss discipleship as a means to training up their subordinates. By discipleship means they would train them by example, by showing them how they might improve, and by being an example to them, by showing and doing the same work they are asking them to do. Having integrity around requests they make to their subordinates.  Showing them “Servant Leadership” and how an effective leaders does not get away with…”do exactly as I say, not as I do and do it because it’s an order and my rank is higher than you.”

He spoke about attributes of a leader which were right out of 1 Timothy 3 and how those attributes would not only improve their leadership skills but improve how they interact with the public. He used parts of his testimony to drive home how these attributes have impacted his life and produced effective results.

Most importantly we were able to say that we are Christians and that we are here to serve you and help you. Because of our belief in Jesus Christ we have a specific moral compass which can not be compromised and there is a definite right and wrong with no grey area to flounder in. This opportunity to teach inside of the Nepali Police Department is truly a divine appointment given to Anchored International Relief to minister to a government agency normally closed off to outsiders.  We were able to show them how to think inside of biblical worldview to improve the performance of their teams and improve their personal lives. We presented them with a small gift provided by NPSC ( National Protection & Safety Consulting ) which was a concrete saw, metal saw blades, and snake camera to be used in their search and rescue and disaster response.

“And these things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” -2 Timothy 2:2


-Tony Magtoto

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