Update from Pastor Charles in Uganda

Dear Colaborers,

Thank you for the prayers as we have seen God fighting for us. There was a conspiracy by the Muslim majority to claim the land where the church and Nursery school and office are located. They denied the knowledge of Calvary Chapel’s existence and are not aware of having surveyed our land.

We thank God, that after much heated talking, the District leadership team informed the community that, more finding will be done to ascertain the procedure under which Calvary Chapel obtained the land. The community members were advised to survey their land and get Land titles as this is the only way of owning land.

We were amazed at the testimony of the district Khadi (leader of Muslim in the district) when he told members that he likes the staff of Calvary as they begin the day with prayers and remain connected to God.

Continue praying that, God will nullify all the schemes of the enemy and His protection upon the church.


Jjagwe Charles

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