Prayer update from our team in Nepal

From Ravjiv K.C,

Hope and pray that you all are doing well. Thanks for praying to us and for our ministry.. we are doing good,healthy and joyful in the Lord. Everyone is very busy in the village since they are building their houses. We are spending time with them by working with them and helping them in construction…


In the picture above is Rajiv K.C. our Anchored International Relief Staff member and Rajkumar who is a recent graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College Kathmandu.

Rajiv and Rajkumar left Gorkha ( Which is halfway between Kathmandu and Swara)  on the motorcycle pictured, up and down and around the dirt roads of the mountain range. Imagine the two of them with gear, riding tandem on a small dual purpose 150CC motorcycle! They also had to cross the river a few times ( and they mean in the water in the shallows not over a bridge ) to finally make it up to the village.

It will be two years since the earthquake come April 25th and the people in the village are now just starting to rebuild their homes. They have been living in temporary structures made of tin roofs, some wood, tarps, and some of the original flagstones.

The process of acquiring materials for the homes in the village is a physically taxing task. It’s not like they can just go down to the local lumber yard and pick out the items they need. They have to hike up the mountain and harvest trees to be cut down to size and then they manually shave and cut the large logs. Then carry them down the mountain to be further cut into boards and usable planks.


Please continue to be in prayer for the work up there and for the Spirit to guide Rajiv and Rajkumar in how they are to minister to the people there.  Pray for physical strength and protection for them as well.


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