Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for prayer as I have to go in for surgery tonight at 7 pm. I have a small part of the incision on my shoulder that has not healed right after 8 weeks. My doctor thinks that it may be a stitch that never dissolved. He is concerned that it is infected and that the infection is going deeper into my tissue. He wants to go in and clean out the wound and make sure it hasn’t gotten into the joint or anywhere else. It should be outpatient barring any complications and only limit me for about two weeks.

Pray that there is no infection or that he can clean it easily without being too invasive. Also pray that I don’t get sick coming out of anesthesia as I ate at 11 am. That is why they are waiting until 7 pm to do the surgery. He said if it is not bad I should still be able to go to Uganda on May 26th to teach at the Pastors and Wives Conference. I’m not worried I’m just bummed at this setback. Carol is doing better. She was experiencing some swelling from medication she was on for her coronary artery spasms. They switched her to another medication the swelling in her legs has gone down. Seems like one of us gets better and then the other goes down. I am to be at Kaiser Sand Canyon at 5 for pre-op.

God is in control. We have a real peace about this. God is faithful all the time! We are in His hands!

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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