Prayer Update

Thank you all for your prayers for Carol and I. My surgery went well and they were able to find a suture that did not dissolve as it should have. It was forming scar tissue around it keeping my incision from healing completely. The surrounding tissue looked good and there did not appear to be any deep infection. I just got a call from my doctor and one of the biopsies did show infection so I am on a very strong antibiotic. Other than that I am feeling pretty good, just a little sore.

Please keep praying for Carol as she her feet, ankles and legs are swelling which we think is from the medication she is on. They switched her last week because the medication was doing the same thing. We are headed to Uganda to teach at a senior pastors and Wives Conference at the end of the month so this would be a real problem on the long flights.

We know God is in control and are keeping our eyes on Him. God is good all the time.

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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