Missions Prayer Guide for 5/24/17

Tim and Priscilla Ives- Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Praise Reports!
    • They continue to meet with the students at the medical school and have already had some great conversations.
    • I have continued growing in my ability to understand and speak Spanish.
    • Their tax situation worked out as God provided all that they needed to pay their taxes.
  • Prayer Requests!
  • Finally, please keep us in prayer for wisdom regarding our kids and their schooling. Priscilla loves home-schooling and is doing awesome, but the social aspect has been harder for the kids.  They don’t have many friends their own age.   We actually have to make the decision on Josiah’s school in the next few days.  Please be praying for wisdom, open doors and our kids in this regard.
  • For His continued provision for all of our needs.

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan


Pray I don’t worry about our move.

Pray we find the place the Lord has for us to do church and school and a home for our family. Pray the entrance fees will be waived.

Pray for the women’s bible study.

Pray for our Son Nathan’s future he will graduate on June 2nd. Pray for Nathan’s final presentation called a senior comprehensive. He will be presenting before classmates and parents. Pray for him to have confidence.


Items that we have to purchase, we are needing a new computer and tires for our car. Pray we can buy good tires for cheap. The van we were graciously given (Praise the Lord) has the largest sized tires out there below a 4X4. I have already gotten 2 estimates and am thinking of trying some used tires.

Pray for Ogino san’s salvation.

Pray for a mission opportunity on a small island in the Philippines around Christmas.

Pray for new English language students and for Summer camp outreach. Thank you all for praying.


Charles Jjagwe- Midigo, Uganda

  • Please pray for:
    • God’s wisdom, strength and love as we expand our ministry outreach to the Refugee camp and the routine ministry demands.
    • Courage and unity among the school staff to stand against the threats of the community threatened to attack the school in order to frustrate the teaching of the bible to the pupils in our school.
    • Peace, courage, protection and wisdom for our new doctor (Dr. Christopher). Pray also to find favor before the staff and community members.
    • Fruitful Mobile Clinic Outreach. We pray for the salvation of souls and God to heal the sick.
    • Prayer revival and maturity of the church. For God to give the people a passion to preach the gospel and for the Lord to calm the fears of the believers who are scared to share the gospel in our hostile community.
    • Please pray for more workers in the children’s ministry. Our Children’s ministry is growing tremendously
    • For God to provide rain as the crops are drying up due to the dry weather. It rained for a short time so people began to plant their crops, but now the rain has stopped and there is a wide spread of famine which may worsen the Malnutrition, especially among children.
    • God has provided land for the construction of the High School, so please pray for provision in building.
    • Fruitful Senior Pastors and Wives Conference from May 30th– June 2nd of this year. Pay for safe travel and good health of the facilitators and participants.
    • Pray for the provision for the Aquaculture expansion. We desire to expand the fish project by construction of more fish tanks (from the existing 3 to 6 total tanks). We pray for the provision of Solar Aerators to improve oxygenation for good fish growth. Increased fish sales will help the church to finance other activities.
    • The rain is still sporadic. People planted only to have their plants die from lack of rain. This can lead to catastrophic food shortages.

Cal and Jessie Stuebner- Managua, Nicaragua


Please pray for Jessie as she finishes out her school year. It’s a very busy and kind of overwhelming time.


Please pray for Gustavo, our worship leader, who has an opportunity to take a business trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, if he can find someone to stay with to keep costs down; pray that God provides for him.


Please continue to pray for our worship team as we still need steady musicians/instrumentalists.


Please pray for our special Mother’s Day service this Sunday; we will have lots of visitors, and therefore, lots of opportunity to share God’s love with unbelievers.

Jake and Jenn DeRose- Italy

  • Jenn adapting and growing more comfortable in living in Italy and to learn Italian quickly.
  • Jenn in growing in strength and wisdom and grace in the different responsibilities  and roles the Lord has placed her in.
  • Jake having more wisdom and strength and a greater vision in the Pastorate Role the Lord has newly called and placed him in.
  • The College Group, more young adults to come out, salvation for those who haven’t made a decision and serving in a greater capacity.
  • Pastor Craig’s health.
  • The beginning of the transition into the new building.


  • That all will go smoothly with donations of equipment and supplies from the Baylor Hospital.
  • For all plans come together concerning the shipment of the container
  • For funds to build a small housing facility for employees
  • That we would find the right employees and a pastor for our church
  • Pray for MOU to be signed quickly by Uganda Rotary so that funds from the grant can be released and equipment ordered.
  • Help with the pig farm
  • Please pray for good health and favor on Dr. Patrick and Chero with so much to do in Uganda!
  • That Sherill would stay healthy

Pete and Kendra Randall- Alberta, Canada

  • Please pray for the people we are connecting with, that we can continue to be a blessing to them, to pour into them and see them desire more of Jesus.
  • Pray for salvation for those who are not already saved.
  • Pray that God would develop a core team of believers in the church. It is such a present and substantial need within any church and it is one we desire greatly for the Lord to build.
  • Please pray for God to continue to open doors to share the gospel.

Denise Carlsen- South Sudan

  • Pray for a quick recovery from cancer surgery and a return to the field in July.
  • We have been able to plant over 50 churches, so praise God for that! Please continue to pray for the Sudanese Pastors and the south Sudanese refugee camps.


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