Update and Praise Report from the Uganda Senior Pastor’s and Wives Conference

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our team and the precious couples that came to the East Africa Senior Pastor’s and Wives Conference. We had about 54 couples from 4 different East Africa nations. All of them are senior pastors/leaders at a Calvary Chapel. All but two of them were pastors indigenous to their own country. This is so significant as it is critical to the life and sustainability of the local church that its pastors are trained up from amongst the people groups they serve.

This was the second conference that we have had and it was such a blessing for everyone involved. Some pastors told us that they had come in totally exhausted and discouraged. A few were even contemplating leaving the ministry to due the pressures of providing for their family, internal struggles within the church and persecution. The teaching at the conference encouraged them to stay the course. Pastor Jim Randall gave a powerful message from Matthew 4 about Jesus getting us to the other side. He spoke of the power and faithfulness of God to give us all we need to have victory in every matter that might concern us. He emphasized that Jesus kept His word and when He says He will take us to the other side we must know that He will do it. Pastor David taught about the realities and hardships of ministry and God’s faithfulness to carry us through them all. Chaplain Ray Thompson shared about how to share the hope of Jesus Christ to people that were in the midst of crisis. This was so appropriate as many of the churches are encountering thousands of refugees coming from war torn South Sudan and they felt ill-equipped to be able to help them. We had separate teaching times for both the men and women and Patti Randall was able to really edify and encourage the wives. All the teaching centered around the faithfulness of God and His love and care for us. At the end of the conference so many couples came to us expressing such gratitude for the time they had and the hope and encouragement it had given them. God truly did a miraculous work amongst us all.

Our team from the US all faced various medical challenges that made travel difficult to say the least. We know that it was the prayers of the saints that gave us the strength we needed to teach and to minister. All the glory goes to God because in and of ourselves we could never have done it. Thank you all for your faithfulness to lift us up before the throne of God.

Please continue to be in prayer for all the pastors and their wives as they return to their homes and church ministries. We already heard from some that they came back to spiritual warfare so they need God’s staying power and wisdom. Let’s ask God to put his hedge about them and bless the churches in Africa as they reach out to the unreached with the hope of the Gospel.

In Christ,

Pastor Gary Kusunoki
Assistant Pastor
Calvary Chapel of San Juan Capistrano
31612 El Camino Real
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Office Phone: +1(949)443-2572
Email: pastorgary
Website: www.calvarysjc.com

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