Are you ever tired, run down, listless?  Do you poop out at parties?  Are you unpopular?  The answer to all your problems are in this little bottle!

Ha!! If only that were true. Obviously, there's no magic solution to life's troubles and certainly vitameatavegamin is not the cure. So what is?

Faith my friends. Faith in knowing our all knowing, all powerful, agape loving Lord has a plan for us.

This was absolutely the case today at Bethesda Hospital in Soroti. It's Tuesday the 25th and we're at Day 1 of our opportunities to serve.  Since departing the morning of the 21st most of us on the medical team have been curious about how we're gonna be able to serve the people in Uganda. What roles would we play and prayed we'd be effective in not only medical treatment but perhaps get a chance to share and demonstrate the Love of Christ.

I find Proverbs 3:5 to be one of the most comforting verses when facing a new challenge or territory unknown.  

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding."

Especially that last piece!!! Lean not on your own understanding!! And for those of us type A personalities I think we can struggle with that one from time to time 😉  

Personally, most times it's easy to trust in the Lord. He's come through for me in more ways than I could ever imagine and often the most unexpected. So, I don't know why on earth I think I know the solution as to how things are gonna happen or this is how it'll go- cuz sure enough haha. He laughs and guides me in a completely different direction, but at the end of the day it was a beautiful journey and so it was Day 1 in Soroti.

8am breakfast, coffee on board and we've got our engines revved up and ready to go!! We arrive at the hospital unload out gear, meet the doctors and await our assignments. Next thing I know, were scrubbing tarps and setting up chairs; thinking well this isn't what I expected but having fun with it and later realized it'd be the waiting room for today's patients, the village elders.  

We were given a layout of the hospital and a rundown of operations. Patients would check in at the front, go on to triage where vitals were taken, be assessed by a doctor then had the ability to get lab results AND pick up medications all in one stop- imagine that!! (Shout out to Kaiser) The facility itself was beautiful. Lush green grounds and greeted with smiles at every turn.

With two doctors and a NICU nurse I assumed I'd be the vitals gal, let the big brains do the heavy lifting; but that quickly changed and was assigned to Dr. Ayad. They had a new computer system set up and recognized it'd be easier to have a doctor and a scribe for each treatment room to help facilitate the process. Dr. Marian and Suzanne worked their magic in treatment room 2 while Courtney got the triage team full speed ahead and Rick rocked the radiology. (Alliteration intended, #sorrybutnotsorry) At one point we even had Carol, Kalea and Debbie leading worship and prayers in a waiting room hallway. How cool is that?!

Progress was slow in the beginning as we learned what meds were available and how the data was to be entered. As the day progressed we became rather efficient but never forgot the task at hand.

Each patient greeted us with a smile that warmed your heart and I began thinking. Who's here for who? I'd like to think they were shown love and given care. But I can say our team walked away filled with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be here today. Thank you Lord for letting us be apart of your plan!!

So, let's not lean on our own understand and have peace in knowing we can hands down Trust in the Lord with all our heart!! Whatever may come our way.

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs DR Juventine. It was an amazing day and can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

God bless….  Shauna

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