Prayer Update from Uganda Team 07/30/17

The past few days have been very busy for our team and we haven’t had access to wifi. Yesterday we participated in a mobile medical clinic in a remote area. It was such a fruitful time as they treated hundreds of patients and had the opportunity to pray and share with each one. Many of them accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior and everyone allowed us to pray for them. The highlight was when 9 year old Luke prayed for a little 4 year old boy who had lost his eyesight. He got intense headaches behind his eyes and could only see light. His mother led him to the prayer area where Luke and I laid hands on him. Luke prayed the sweetest prayer for God’s healing touch. When he finished I asked the boy if his eyesight had improved. He said yes, that he could see again. A few minutes later he was running around with the other kids playing soccer. Dr, Ayad said he saw the boy and that he told the mom that there was nothing he could do. God had a better plan. What a miracle!

Today we split the team up into 4 groups and visited 4 churches. It was truly a blessing. Please keep praying as we have another clinic in the morning here in Midigo.

God bless you all!

Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

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