A little update from the team

Things are going really well. We had a medical clinic at the hospital and each doctor or clinician saw about 40-50 patients. That’s more than 200 patients. A little boy was instantly healed of malaria as we prayed for him. When we started his head was so hot that I could feel the heat radiating off his head without even touching him. He was extremely lethargic and not really conscious. By the time we finished praying his fever was gone and he started to move around. A few minutes later he was up and standing. Later he was outside the ward walking around. Debbie shared the Gospel in the ward and almost every mother there accepted the Lord. Tomorrow we go to minister at the refugee camp for the day and then the next day move on to Our next location.

The team is all doing great. Keep praying for God’s strength and wisdom.

2 thoughts on “A little update from the team

  1. Thank you so much for this update. God is moving in amazing ways through you all! What a HUGE praise report!!! Praying for wisdom and strength for the entire team as you continue to serve Him for His glory!

  2. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is attended upon by signs and miracles! So great, so encouraging! Thank the Lord for seeing the need of these poor people and sending you all to help! Wow, new testament times indeed!

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