Greetings from Uganda!
We’ve been so encouraged here to see the faithful hands of the Lord at work in the believers.

Yesterday we were greeted with beautiful songs by the Sudanese refugees, who have settled in a camp in northern Uganda. Many having fled with nothing in hand, many separated from their families and traveling hundreds of miles on foot, they are now seeing the care and preservation of their Heavenly Father through the UN camp made for them.

After a warm greeting from the believers in their tent and sharing with them in joyous songs and scripture, we split off into small groups with them and walked through their settlement to individual families to share the Love of the Lord. Many were believers and several committed their lives to Jesus. We heard their stories and the suffering they’ve been through, yet their faith in God is strong and their hope is real.
Of course, we went to bless them and in seeing Gods faithful hand of protection and provision, we left feeling great joy and deep love for our fellow believers in Christ in that refugee camp. He blessed our hearts with their joyful songs and their trust in Him.
God has not forsaken them. Each family now has their own plot of land, shelter over their heads and clean water. Each “block” knows and loves each other as a family and many from the Calvary chapel church in the camp are known in the settlement and daily reach out to those around them with the word of God and His love.

Please keep the precious Christians of South Sudan in your prayers and one day we will all be together in our eternal home worshipping with them……. and boy can they worship!!

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