Uganda Team Update

Our Uganda trip has come to an end. We will be traveling home beginning tomorrow. This has been such a "Gospel Preaching" trip. We have had one on one contact with hundreds of people through the medical outreaches in Soroti and again in Midigo. We also had visits with families in the villages where we prayed and gave out the Gospel. One family that we visited the older son promised me that he would come to church (in Soroti) the next night and when the service ended I turned around and there he was!! He looked so happy and promised me that he would continue to attend. God is so good!!

Also in Soroti we visited a nursery school that had just experienced the death of two of their students. The teachers were grieving and feeling such pain. We went into their grief and pain with the comfort that only Jesus can bring. When we left I believe the teachers felt loved and encouraged and comforted. Each day brought new opportunities to share Jesus and His love with hurting and broken people.

In Midigo we went into the wards of the hospital and prayed for physical healing but also again shared about the love of Jesus and gave opportunities for salvation. Many woman that I prayed with wanted to receive Jesus.

We also went to the refugee camp where in the people's poverty and displacement they were worshiping and praising Jesus. Gary preached a powerfully encouraging message from the Old Testament.

In Arua we also did an outreach with the youth. All of the younger members of the team gave their testimonies and Gary gave a message on the two paths that laid before these young people. Gary's message included an opportunity for a choice of which path they would choose for their future. Many of these teenagers choose God's path.

We ended the day there by watching a soccer game between Calvary Arua and the school where we had the outreach. I cannot begin to write about all that God did in the last two weeks-my mind cannot fully grasp the extent of fruit that I saw in the lives of people. Yet. as always He also changes us as a team and most importantly as individuals.

We are all coming home changed and humbled to be able to have served such a wonderful Savior as our Lord Jesus Christ.

Truly, to God be the glory great things He has done!


One thought on “Uganda Team Update

  1. Thank you so much for this last update before your return home. There is no price tag that can be placed upon what you have been able to witness and experience first hand during your time there. Your sharing is so edifying for those of us in the Body who have not had the privilege to go. We look forward to seeing you soon! Praying for safe travels home and for the Lord’s grace to be upon each member of the team, preparing you for the transition back home. As you so beautifully said, you are not the same as you were when you left. He has done a mighty work in and through each one of you to His Praise and Glory!!!

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